University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Making UMBC students’ lives more eventful

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What was produced

  • Gives students and visitors a community feel
  • Provides students with access to their MyUMBC accounts
  • Uses beacon technology to alert students to nearby events

Client Problem

University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) was looking to better develop a mobile application to help students navigate their campus, as well as access their student portal. With an existing application built for iOS 4, UMBC looked to viaPlace to help achieve this goal by revamping the existing application with their budget in mind.

viaPlace Solution

viaPlace presented UMBC with a fully functional iOS and Android compatible mobile application that gives students a community feel. Students can easily login to their MyUMBC account. Walking directions to specific buildings and parts of campus are provided by integrations with viaPlace and Google Maps. Additionally, when students are in close proximity to a current event going on, beacon technologies allow students to receive notifications with additional information about the event.