Johns Hopkins University

Familiarizing visitors of a new area with location-based navigation and built in messaging


What was produced

  • Nationwide number 1 rating for colleges with best social media interactivity from Student Advisor, a Washington Post Company
  • Gold Communicator Award, an award for big ideas in marketing and communications
  • Baltimore Business Journal’s Biz Buzz Award for “Best Mobile App”

Client Problem

College campuses are constantly changing, from physical changes — like new buildings — to more frequent changes, like special operating hours or events. Johns Hopkins University (JHU) needed a way to more readily disseminate information to students, staff, alumni, and campus visitors. Ideally, Hopkins wanted a way to communicate with campus visitors by sending messages based on location. Additionally, JHU’s campus had become difficult to navigate for new students and visitors alike due to Google Map’s poor identification of their 40+ buildings.

ViaPlace Solution

Using the consulting services of Mindgrub, viaPlace delivered JHU a campus application mapped with local points of interest and built-in messaging. Visitors to the Hopkins campus can now take a pre-programmed tour. To further facilitate navigation, visitors can get turn-by-turn walking directions from point to point. The app includes additional functionality that pulls in data from JHU’s website and allows users to get more information about the university, such as class schedules.